Hit the Ground Running

Coffee is for closers. Successful sales professionals spend their time in front of prospects, not endlessly researching for new leads. TermScout provides highly accurate prospect and lead data. This allows you to concentrate on making the call and setting your next meeting.


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Actionable, Timely, Accurate

TermScout is your personal research team

Our sales intelligence tools deliver warm leads daily, giving you a reason to call new prospects.

  • Increase your sales revenue. Easily be informed about new potential customers and have their contact information ready for you to make the call.
  • Receive daily Scouts. Make it part of your daily routine. We send timely, intelligent trigger event information tailored to you and your unique market.
  • Management and individuals can assign and claim new leads. Management and individuals can easily manage Scouts, so that you’re not stepping on each others’ toes.
  • Easily connect with new leads. TermScout’s research automatically leads to your next prospect.

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Scouts get the ball rolling

Scouts are provided daily about new prospect events in your market, which you open to get decision-maker contact information.