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Badge Addendum for Certify Customers

Use of TermScout Badges is subject to these Guidelines as well as TermScout’s Terms and Conditions


Any use of TermScout Badges must be in compliance with the following requirements:

  1. Badges may only be used in connection with contracts that are approved by TermScout in writing (“Certified Contracts”).  
    1. Not sure if your contract is Certified? Email your questions to

  2. If the Certified Contract changes, you must notify TermScout within 3 business days of posting such change.  
    1. If you’d like to assess how proposed changes might impact your rating and certification status prior to updating your contract, email your proposed updated contract, showing the changes in track changes, to

  3. The Badge(s) must be placed legibly and conspicuously on your website or other digital properties.  Do not post badges in a location or format that makes the badge text difficult to read.

  4. Do not change any copy, colors, shapes, or other design elements on any Badge.  

  5. Unless you have advanced written permission from TermScout, all Badges displayed on any digital media must hyperlink back to the Certify Landing Page associated with such contract via a dedicated hyperlink provided to you by TermScout.
    1. Not sure what this hyperlink is? Contact


Latest update: August 22, 2022