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Build Trust In Your Terms: Case Study

Commercial counsel at leading firms promote their balanced contract terms to enhance collaboration with their sales teams and build trust with their counterparties. The end result: customers sign on their terms without negotiation up to 85% of the time and transaction cycles are reduced by 30% in the event of negotiations.


Case Study

How Code42, Freshworks, and Automox are using TermScout’s Certification product to reduce negotiations


Case Study

How NetApp, Liberty Mutual, Travelers and others are leveraging TermScout to reduce transaction costs and cycle times


White Paper

The Cost of Contract Complexity (TermScout & WorldCC)


White Paper

Can Contract Analysis Operate Like a Utility?


White Paper

Competition Based on better Commercial Terms



TermScout Data Explained



WorldCC Webinar demonstrating how to use TermScout to find what’s market. Note: the video takes a minute to start



Otto on Technically Legal podcast


AI contract review software

What Is AI Contract Review Software, and Can I Trust it?

Imagine being able to make fully informed decisions each time you sign a new contract or encourage your clients to do the same. In an ideal world,...

Contract Clause Database

Contract Clause Database - IT Contracts

TermScout reviews and determines a party favorability rating that is based on more than 750 bits of structured data points. These data points also...

Sales Assist and Procure Assist by TermScout

Introducing the Predict™ Suite and Contract Review Levels

Find the perfect balance between speed, cost, and accuracy. At TermScout, we're all about bringing efficiency and transparency to the contracting...

Summer 2022 Updates to Ratings: IT Contracts

Summer 2022 Updates to Ratings: IT Contracts

TermScout periodically reviews contract scoring to ensure that its published favorability ratings on more than 1,000 public IT contracts are as...

What to Look For When Reviewing Third-Party Contracts

What to Look For When Reviewing Third-Party Contracts

Whenever a company goes into business with a third party, it's extremely important to screen the contract to prevent unnecessary risks and exposure...

Contract Clause Database

What’s Market? Customer’s Indemnification Obligations

The What’s Market series is an ongoing look at and breakdown of the various clauses found within contracts. Each article takes data gathered by...

global contract database

What is the Verified Contract Database?

The legal tech industry has seen a recent movement towards a reliance on technology, automation, and artificial intelligence (AI). After seeing these...

Contract AI Reviews Reduce Negotiation Risk

Reducing Risk with First Pass Contract AI Reviews

As the complexity of business-to-business contracts continues to grow, it’s more important than ever for organizations to hone their processes by...

Ditch the Consultant: Why Traditional Contract Review Services Are Insufficient

Ditch the Consultant: Why Traditional Contract Review Services Are Insufficient

Contract management is risky business — with every contract you get into, you expose your organization to financial, brand, security, or legal risks....

What’s Market? Vendor’s Indemnification Obligations

What’s Market? Vendor’s Indemnification Obligations

The What’s Market series by TermScout provides a deeper understanding of contract terms and provides data regarding how these terms are approached...

Contract Review Checklist

Contract Review Checklist - The 19 Crucial Clauses for IT Contracts

Why Contract Review is Important There are only a few guarantees in life: death, taxes, and being bound to the terms of the contracts you signed...

Contract Clause Database

What’s Market? Protection of Confidential Information

The What’s Market series is an ongoing analysis and breakdown of the various clauses found within software contracts. Each article takes data...