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Triage Scoring

Last Updated: July 20, 2022



Each playbook has the following scoring elements associated with it: 


  1. TermScout’s overall favorability rating being “Balanced” or “Customer Favorable” and TermScout’s overall clarity rating being greater than or equal to “Medium”. This scoring element accounts for 25% of the overall playbook score.

    Visit the Our Process & Methodology page for additional details about favorability and clarity ratings. 

  2. The questions within each playbook. This scoring element accounts for 75% of the overall playbook score.

    The questions can be from any topic for which TermScout screens (e.g., limitation of liability, indemnification, intellectual property, payment terms). Each question is assigned a “Tier” between 1 and 5, which drives the weight each individual question has on the 75% of the overall playbook score derived from this scoring element. 



Did You Know?

Customers that have a playbook of their own can work with TermScout to adjust the tiers as they see fit for their business. To adjust your playbook and/or the tiers, contact your assigned TermScout team member.