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By simply uploading your contract, TermScout instantly uncovers critical information, synthesizes complex market data, and presents it all in a single, intuitive, and secure platform.

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Rare Clause Radar

Quickly and easily find the most unique and elusive clauses that benefit both parties involved. Now you can pinpoint these clauses in seconds, giving you an unparalleled advantage in any legal negotiation.

Rare Clause Radar Findings

AI Legal Assistant

Alleviate any concerns or uncertainties you may have regarding your contracts. Whether you're a business owner, freelancer, or just an individual looking to clarify the terms of a contract, AI Legal Assistant is here to help. Say goodbye to the hassle of poring over legal jargon and let AI Legal Assistant take care of it for you.

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Share Your Findings

Share your discoveries with anyone outside of the app. Simply download a report of any screen and send it off to colleagues, clients, or counterparties. Whether you're looking to share source language, market data, or rare clauses, TermScout makes it easy to keep everyone in the know. So go ahead, download and share to your heart's content!

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Term Sheet

Gain a deeper understanding of each review by breaking it down into individual clauses. Term Sheets provide a condensed summary of each clause, along with an analysis of who the clause favors and the market data that supports it. This helps you make informed decisions and negotiate with confidence.

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Looking for a simple and effective way to make sure your contract is up to par? Look no further than our standard playbooks! Choose from a variety of options to compare your contract against, and gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing your legal agreements are on solid ground. Or, if you have specific concerns or priorities that aren't covered by our standard options, create a custom playbook that's tailored to your exact needs.

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Verify Any Contract Review

Have peace of mind knowing that your contracts are always accurate and legally sound. With our contract verification service, you can request a thorough and reliable analysis from our team of experts. Our human-backed verification process ensures that every detail and clause in your contract is carefully reviewed and evaluated. You'll receive a comprehensive report within 24 hours, giving you the confidence you need to proceed with your business dealings. Don't leave anything to chance - verify any contract with us today.

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Minimum AI-only accuracy is 85% with the option to achieve 99% accuracy through Verification.



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TermScout AI is trusted with over twenty thousand contract reviews each month.

How does the review process work?

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Select Your Preferences

Quickly select the contract type you’d like to review, your role in the transaction, and your preferred privacy level.

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Upload Your Contract

Upload your contract or copy and paste the URL to begin your review.

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Step 3

Let Our AI Work

TermScout’s in-house contract experts fine-tune large language models, producing the most accurate contract AI analysis on the market.

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Analyze Critical Insights

Our robust algorithms assess contracts clause by clause, extracting key insights and rating favorability to each party involved.

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Step 5

Take Decisive Action

Understand clause meanings and their prevalence across comparable  contracts, saving you time and facilitating confident decision-making.

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Step 6

Verify Any Contract Review

Have peace of mind knowing that every contract uploaded to the TermScout platform can undergo an al a carte Verified review by our team of contract experts.

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