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We believe in a world where contracting happens with zero friction, with both parties fully informed about what they’re signing. It’s a big, bold idea, but it’s one we know is in the future. Get ready!

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Click-Accept solutions built for everyone

At TermScout, we believe the future of contracting is "Informed Click-Accept".

"Informed" meaning both parties have a clear, easy, and accessible way to understand what's in the contracts they're signing. I.e., (a) does it meet my requirements for contracts of this type, and (b) is it market?

"Click-accept" meaning once the parties have informed themselves, they simply click to accept. Negotiations go the way of the 8-track.

To get to there, we need three things:


What a contract says must be easily extractable and accessible to both parties.

Market Data

We must have a shared understanding of what's "market."


Contract drafters must begin to make their contracts reasonable.

"We’re building a future where people understand the contracts they sign."

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