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The Future of Contracting Is Here

TermScout has modernized the way businesses approach contracts for one simple reason — to give our customers more time to do the things they love.


The Future of Contracting is

Informed Click-Accept

"Informed" meaning both parties have a clear, easy, and accessible way to understand what's in the contracts they're signing. I.e., (a) does it meet my requirements for contracts of this type, and (b) is it market?

"Click-accept" meaning once the parties have informed themselves, they simply click to accept. Negotiations go the way of the 8-track.

To get to there, we need three things:

  1. Transparency. What a contract says must be easily extractable and accessible to both parties.
  2. Market Data. We must have a shared understanding of what's "market."
  3. Reasonableness. Contract drafters must begin to make their contracts reasonable.

TermScout is building the tools necessary to get to informed click-accept.


Say Goodbye to Contract Confusion

Our mission is to simplify the contracts of the world to make them understandable and useful.


Say Hello to Frictionless Contracting

We believe in a world where contracting happens with zero friction, with both parties fully informed about what they’re signing. It’s a big, bold idea, but it’s one we know is in the future. Get ready!

Our Team

Built by Lawyers, for everyone who touches contracts. 

Seriously, our lawyer to non-lawyer staff ratio has averaged 1:1 for two consecutive years. We’re also professors, software engineers, machine learning engineers, paralegals, financers, customer success professionals, and so much more. 
What we all share: a passion for making contracts easy and fair.  
Interested in working with us?  We’re always looking for great people. See our job postings here, or send an email to

Otto Hanson, J.D.

CEO and Founder


Peter Fatianow

Co-Founder and Strategic Advisor


Bill Mooz, J.D.

Co-Founder and Strategic Advisor


Dawn Kubat, J.D.

VP of Operations


Evan Harris

Chief Technology Officer

Gamez_photo_TS.png (1)

Carlos Gamez

VP Product and Growth

Top TermScout Investors

Backed by Leading Investors Worldwide

1. NFX
2. Ground Up
4. The Legal Tech Fund
5. Bridge Investment Group
6. Hilltop Venture Partners
7. Underdog Labs

Hear From Our Founders

“Contracts are the lifeblood of the modern economy — they govern almost everything we buy and sell. But the volume of contracts we sign is so great that no human or business fully understands their contractual rights or obligations. That’s scary, inefficient, and counterproductive. It also results in trillions of dollars of waste every year. 

We’re building a future where people understand the contracts they sign; where businesses spend more time creating customer value and less time negotiating contracts. Join us.”

Otto Hanson, Founder & CEO

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