Prove the fairness of your terms and accelerate sales

See how our customers proudly present the fairness of their contract through their Certified Contract Reports.

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"The average time to close deals used to take 44 days. We implemented TermScout, and guess what, that dropped to nine."
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"I'm getting about 70 percent of RFPs on our paper."
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Faster sales cycles and less negotiations 

Prove the fairness of your contract with market data and validation from a neutral third-party. Customers who Certify™ their contracts see quicker sales cycles and more signatures on their paper.

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Decrease redlines, frustration, and legal costs

Your Certified Contract Report showcases the strengths of your paper by emphasizing customer favorability, comparing it to industry standards, and assuring prospects that there are no deal breakers in sight. You can now prove your starting positions are balanced or customer favorable.

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What is a contract certification?
Interested in learning more about Certify? Enjoy our Ultimate guide to contract certifications.
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Show you have the best contract in your vertical

Weaponize your terms against your competition by showcasing how your contract stacks up against your competitors and quickly show your prospects how your contracting experience is superior.

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See why sales teams love Certify™

Boost your sales process with Certify™ - the ultimate tool for closing deals. Empower your team with a proven contracting solution that eliminates obstacles and reduces friction, resulting in up to 3 times faster close times.

Faster Deal Cycles

Every business transaction is governed by a contract, they are required in today’s sales environment. But in many cases, contracts can slow down the sales cycle. They can be too complicated, full of red flags, or hard to decipher, requiring extensive time, negotiation, and legal fees on both sides. TermScout believed this could change.

TermScout sells their terms for them

Start off the relationship with your prospect with trust and transparency. WIth your Certified Contract Report, you can share all of the details about your contract, supported by market data. Sales teams who share this data with their customers see a dramatic decrease in negotiations at the end of their sales cycle.

Contract review without legal

No more reviews of lengthy contracts. TermScout’s Certified Contract Report summarizes what matters, so you save your prospect time and energy in their own review.

Instant access to competitive intel

Certify™ is powered by TermScout’s market data platform, meaning every starting position is benchmarked against thousands of other contracts showing it’s favorability and market fairness.