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Contract Benchmarking

How Does Your Paper Compare to Market?

You wouldn’t take a case without doing legal research. Drafting or signing a contract without knowing what’s market is no different. Use data from thousands of contracts to make your contracts reasonable.

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Unlimited Access to Contract Data

Gain peace of mind when drafting your contracts by benchmarking your terms against market data. TermScout’s collection of contract data is automatically updated by the second, giving you the ability to draft competitive contracts and close business faster.

Data-Fueled Solutions Built for Contracting Speed

average market data points added every 3 days


average decrease in negotiations reported by TermScout customers using Benchmark + Certify to make their contracts better


the value of freeing your team up to spend time on more valuable work

Our Benchmarking Process

We make it simple to discover what’s market and benchmark your contracts against industry standards.

Data Gathering


Gather Data

TermScout adds thousands of new data points every single day to the world’s richest source of market data. Sit back and let us collect the data so you can confidently understand what’s market.

Contract Upload


Upload Contract

Upload your own contract or a third-party contract to our platform and let us analyze it using our proprietary AI (artificial intelligence) + HI (human intelligence) methodology.

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Compare Contract

We analyze your contract across desired provisions and compare it against agreed-upon peer companies and the world’s richest market data on contract terms.

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Optimize Contract

With hundreds of verified data points at your fingertips, you can optimize your contract templates to strike the desired balance between risk and speed to create a competitive, appealing contract.

Trusted by The Best and Brightest Contract Teams in the World

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Avoid Malpractice. Improve Reputation. Maximize ROI.

When it comes to your own templates, you can’t afford not to know what’s market. Drafting contracts without research increases your chance of malpractice, destroys your reputation, and prevents you from closing deals against more favorable competitors. Contract benchmarking with TermScout eliminates these worries so you can take your life back.

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