Contract reviews at scale across your organization

Reduce time, save money, mitigate risk, and increase productivity by streamlining your company’s contract review workflow.

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First-Pass AI Contract Review Tools

Instantly estimate the effort required to negotiate almost any contract type with TermScout’s 99% accurate, first pass contract review solution.

This means that in just a matter of minutes, you can make an informed decision on whether to sign on the dotted line and provide data-driven reasons for doing so (or not). By instantly benchmarking terms against market standards and your custom playbook, you'll have the power to make smarter choices in record time.

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Contract Review Backed by Legal Experts

Looking for a comprehensive and accurate contract review? Our Verified™ reviews offer the perfect blend of human expertise and secure AI to give you the confidence you need. With structured data at your fingertips, you'll be able to navigate contracts with ease.

Plus, you'll have your fully reviewed contract compared to your custom playbook delivered back to you in just 48 hours. Trust us to deliver the best results.

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Custom Playbooks to Prioritize What Matters Most

Referencing manual playbooks are a thing of the past.

TermScout’s customized playbook solution delivers the ability to screen contract types against your risk profile directly in our platform. This means you only need to review clauses that fail your playbook, dramatically reducing the time usually spent sniffing through an entire contract for red flags. 

Playbooks allow you to streamline negotiations on your terms for a smoother and more effective contract review. You choose your risk profile and TermScout will automate the rest.

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Citations that never hallucinate

Every result on the TermScout platform is cited and those citations will never hallucinate. This language is pulled straight from the contract.

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Why top legal teams choose TermScout

How it works

Seamlessly integrate TermScout into your contract review workflow

TermScout provides a white glove onboarding process to ensure a successful, timely, and smooth implementation.

Build Your Playbook

We work with you to build your playbook of terms that matter most to you when signing third-party contracts. This allows us to program your contract acceptance criteria into our software and customize your review.


We analyze your inbound third-party contracts using our proprietary AI + Human QC methodology and identify which of your criteria are and are not met with 99% accuracy.


We report our findings to you in user-friendly formats, complete with citations to back up every statement we make.


Use Verified Reviews to automate the routing of third-party contracts to the right parties in your organization. Route great contracts straight to signature, and ensure egregious ones get the legal attention they need.


When you need to negotiate, you’ll have unprecedented market data to support you. See a list of the most egregious sub-market provisions and understand what the vendor’s competitors are offering.